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“Jill Bucy changed my life.”

Side-shotWe have a client who continues to tell us how much Jill has inspired her to change her life. We asked her to write a guest post and were inspired ourselves by her story. Here it is:

Jill Bucy changed my life.

I’m not kidding. She improved my skincare and my complexion, certainly. Anyone who has gone to her can claim the same.

But Jill inspired me to be a healthier person, to improve my appearance from the inside out, to address inflammation in my system. I can’t express what a huge deal this is.

See, I’ve had GI problems for twenty years. I’ve downed barium to figure out why I burp so much. I had an endoscopy to check out ongoing acid reflux. I’ve elevated the head of my bed, I’ve taken two Prilosec a day. The best I’ve been able to do is manage the pain and chalk up my gut issues to stress.

And then, about a year ago, while getting a facial from Jill, we got to talking about inflammation, diet, green powder, and alkalizing the digestive track. Suddenly, a lightbulb went on. Aha, if I clean up my system and start eating better and more mindfully, I might alleviate my problems and improve my skin.

So I started reading, chewing through books like The pH Miracle and Ultraprevention. I asked my GP for certain blood tests to check stuff like my magnesium levels. I started taking digestive enzymes, probiotics, and a boatload of supplements. And I made myself a green-powder smoothie every morning.

I won’t say I was cured after a week. But now, a year later, by following a few guidelines (see below), I’ve lost twenty pounds and get compliments nearly every day about how fantastic I look. Someone told me just today that I look very serene. I think my skin now has a glow, not from the occasional facial (although that helps), but from good living and eating. I don’t diet, but I’ve changed my diet. And my body continues to thank me every day. And I thank Jill for that.

A few tips I’ve incorporated into my life:

  • Buy unprocessed, raw, whole food whenever possible
  • Add in raw foods, seeds and nuts whenever possible (chop chard or kale and add it to soup, for instance)
  • Take Omega-3 fish oil and Omega-6 borage or black current seed oil supplements, as well as other supplements, digestive enzymes, and probiotics
  • Try to drink a smoothie with green powder every day
  • When traveling, bring fruit, raw almonds, and trail mix to snack on. Airports contain virtually no food that’s unprocessed
  • Dry brush your skin vigorously before you shower; it helps to eliminate toxins
  • Minimize or eliminate coffee, sugar*, soda, red meat
  • If you’re going to eat ice cream, look for a few ingredients as possible (Snoqualmie Gourmet and Hagen Daaz 5, for example)
  • Brew a pitcher of iced tea at night and try to drink it the next day (it’s a good way to stay hydrated)
  • Chuck all the old salad dressings in your refrigerator door. It’s very easy to make your own dressing
  • Stir fries and fajitas are a staple, as they are quick and healthy
  • Don’t count calories; focus instead on the quality and kind of food you are putting in your mouth

*When thinking of sugar, remember that any starch—potato, bread, pasta, baked good, etc.—turns into sugar (i.e. glucose) in the body. Try to keep your starch/sugar intake to a minimum at each meal. I sweeten tea with stevia.

How do you stay healthy? What tips have you picked up from Jill?


You're ready for summer, but is your hair?

Perry Now that the rain is abating (fingers crossed) and the sun is starting to peek out behind the clouds, it's time to take off the hats and show off your lovely locks. To get your hair in warm-weather condition, check out some of our Leonor Greyl treatments. Start with the amazing Huile de Palme, which makes your hair positively lustruous while protecting it from the sun. One of our clients swears by the Regenerescence Naturelle to aid her flaky scalp. Ever since she started applying this oil to her scalp every few weeks, she has eliminated her flaky, itchy scalp, something she has dealt with her entire life. With shampoos and conditioners designed to treat real hair concerns (thin and dry hair, dandruff, oily scalp but dry ends, thick dry hair, naturally curly hair, etc.), Leonor Greyl offers effective but natural—no silicone, no sulfates, no parabens, no synthetic active ingredients—solutions to any hair concern.

And let's talk about the styling products!  Julien d'Y styled Katy Perry's hair for the May cover of Vanity Fair using a host of Leonor Greyl products, notably the Spray Structure Naturelle, a strong-hold spray for structured hairstyles. If you're looking for something softer, the Serum de Soie Sublimateur nourishes the hair and can be used on wet or dry hair to smooth locks. The Algues et Fleurs is a light spray that adds shape and bounce to your curls.

With a little boost from Leonor Greyl, take off your hat and reveal gorgeous hair.

Get Oscar-worthy updos with Leonor Greyl!

We love the entire line of Leonor Greyl hair treatments and styling products, and so does Hollywood! Creighton Bowman styled Melissa Leo's hair for her Oscar-winning evening and now shows you how to recreate Leo's updo, as well as Mila Kunis's dreamy side chignon. Check out these great instructional videos for Melissa Leo and Mila Kunis to learn how to add some movie star drama to your hair. Stop in the studio to peruse the various Leonor Greyl styling products, from the Serum de Soie Sublimateur (a styling serum that can be used on wet or dry hair to smooth and shine) to Gel à la Keratine (an alcohol-free styling gel).


Jill's off to Paris!

Postcard Jill is jetting off to Paris this weekend to ferret out the latest French  treatments and products. She’ll be sending notes from the road but here’s a sneak peek of her itinerary.

Aside from meeting up with top executives at Biologique Recherche, she’ll be meeting with Anne Sémonin at Hôtel le Bristol and L'Appartement 217 for a few “cult” treatments—an anti-aging oxygen facial, infrared treatment, and ayurvedic massage. Then she’s off to Leonor Greyl (remember, we carry these transformational products in the spa) for the signature scalp facial. Jealous? Well, there’s more. She’s going to try to meet with Joelle Ciocco (creator of the Epidermology® Method, an authentic study that evaluates the skin’s nutritional requirements, thereby establishing the right kind of cosmetic products for the skin) to look at her work and check out yet another spa specializing in facials.

She’ll also check out the latest cellulite machines at Cellusonic and hit the Maison&Objet gift show before leaving the country. Nous sommes fatigués just thinking about it all.

All of the treatments Jill is investigating use true French methods and include very specific massage techniques that work on lifting the muscles, draining toxins, and bringing microcirculation to the surface.


Leonor Greyl case study #3: Long hair, oily scalp

Grow-long-hair-fasterThe diagnosis: If you’ve been in the spa, you know that Stacy has gorgeous long hair. But she usually has to wash it every day because her scalp gets too oily for her. Sound familiar? With this sort of frequent washing, the ends became very dry. What to do?

The solutions: She now uses the Leonor Greyl Bain TS, a balancing shampoo specifically designed for an oily scalp and dry ends. Focusing on shampooing only the scalp, Stacy is now able to go an extra day between shampoos. She also uses the Huile de Palme on her lengths and ends to protect her long locks from the sun (can you tell that the Huile de Palme is a resounding hit around the spa?).

How do you combat an oily scalp?


Leonor Greyl case study #2: damaged hair

After trying out the Leonor Greyl treatment line, Taryn gladly offered up her experience.

The diagnosis:

“Obviously, I bleach my hair often. I’ve been dealing with dry hair and breakage since I was 17 and started bleaching my hair. It’s fried and damaged and dry and brittle. It breaks easily because it’s so dry. I was using all sorts of products that coated the hair and made it feel good. Then I switched over to Leonor Greyl.”

“My hair went from feeling coated, which was fine, to undergoing a process where my hair felt a little dry for about a week because the product was coming off. Now, it feels light and silky, so much more healthy and thick. I don’t know how that’s possible, since I’m not putting any thickening stuff in my hair. I really see a change in my hair—there’s less breakage, and I don’t have to do anything to it or put any product into it. I can go 3–4 days and it still looks good. It feels stronger and looks better.”

Here are the Leonor Greyl treatments that Taryn loves…

The solutions:



Leonor Greyl case study #1: itchy, flaky scalp

Small_2028_lgEver since Leonor Greyl products arrived in our studio, clients have been snapping up treatments, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to address their various hair concerns. 

The diagnosis: One of our clients has been suffering from a flaky, itchy scalp for years, which has been not only painful but embarrassing (especially when she wears black). Jill suspected fragrances and sodium laureth sulfate (SLS, a foaming and cleansing agent commonly found in shampoos) were adding to the problem. She had tried everything—dandruff shampoos, treatment oils and lotions, going without styling products—but nothing seemed to work.

Then she came in for a consultation with a Leonor Greyl representative. They diagnosed her hair and gave her a plan of action.

After just a week of using the Régénérescence Naturelle—a pre-shampoo treatment of essential and botanical oils that increases blood circulation, addresses deficiencies, and purifies the scalp—the flakes are nearly gone and the itching is down to a minimum. 

Here's how she applies it: After brushing her scalp thoroughly with a natural bristle brush, she separates the hair into one-inch sections with a comb and uses the dropper to place drops of the oil along the scalp. Once she completes the application, she gently massages her scalp so that the oil is distributed evenly. And then she waits. The first time she used it, she left it in overnight. Now she applies it an hour before shampooing. 

She's also using a few other products recommended specifically for her hair and scalp.

The solution: 

Huile de Palme: Pre-treatment oil to protect hair and add shine and softness

Bain Traitant Propolis: Gentle shampoo that addresses dandruff concerns (can also be mixed with the Créme aux Fleurs)

Créme aux Fleurs: A conditioning shampoo for irritated, sensitive scalps

Masque Fleurs de Jasmin: Gorgeous-smelling conditioner that boosts dry or thin hair, and offers shine, softness, and manageability

Serum de soie sublimateur: A styling serum that's applied after you've dried your hair

What are your specific hair concerns? Tell us and we'll diagnose the problem and offer a solution!

Leonor Greyl hits Seattle

Clients were walked through Leonor Greyl's full line of products and treatments

Caroline Brooks and Marjie DeLaMontanya of Leonor Greyl's US headquarters made a special trip to Seattle to offer one-on-one consultations in an informal hair care clinic in the studio. They asked clients extensive questions about their hair, scalp, and lifestyle, and then offered up treatment solutions, as well as shampoo, masque (conditioner), and styling product recommendations. 

In the coming weeks, we'll feature a few case studies, as well as instructions on how to use the natural, anti-aging products (even shampooing the Leonor Greyl way is a revelation!) so you can start to see what treatments might work best for your needs. And feel free to stop into the studio to have one of our staff recommend a treatment plan for your hair. 

What are your hair care challenges? 


Leonor Greyl's Caroline Brooks consults with a client

Product showcase: Leonor Greyl's Huile de Palme

Panel4 The Leonor Greyl hair treatment line arrived last week and all the products are flying off the shelves. In fact, the Huile de Palme sold out in less than a day (not to worry; more arrived today). What makes this treatment oil such a must for lustrous, healthy hair?

Well, the palm oil silkens and softens the hair, while waterproofing it. Vegetal oils act as a UV filter and add shine. The result is a unique pre-shampoo treatment that detangles, nourishes, and protects all types of hair, including damaged and color-treated hair, against the damaging effects of sun, salt water, and chlorinated pool water.

To use, put a dime-sized amount in your hands and, with a wide-tooth comb, comb it through your dry (not wet) length and ends. Use more if needed. Leave the oil on your hair for at least 10 minutes (you can leave it in all night for a deep-conditioning treatment). Then, wash it out with a shampoo suitable to your hair type. Reapply after three or four immersions in water.

Jill Bucy Skincare is the only place in Seattle to carry the Leonor Greyl line, long a secret among beauty insiders. The most natural in the luxury hair-care category, Leonor Greyl products do not contain sodium laureth sulfates, silicone, coal tar, or parabens. The company, a family-based business, was founded in 1968, and is a staple in French haircare among Parisian hair stylists, models, and celebrities.  


Leonor Greyl hair products arrive!

LeonorgreylhuiledepalmeIf you’ve been in the spa recently, you’ll know how giddy the entire staff has been about the arrival of Leonor Greyl treatments for the hair and scalp. We’re even more crazed now that they’ve landed in our reception area! We carry almost the complete line of oils, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, leave-in treatments, and styling products. While we are currently developing some new services around these transformational, effective treatments (the second spa in the country to do so), in the mean time, you can come in and get a customized hair prescription! 

The beauty of the Parisian line is its breadth and depth, and its efficacy. There are products for all stages of hair care (from shampoo to styling) and products and treatments for every type of scalp and hair texture. Come on in and our staff will prescribe your hair solution.

A few products that the staff recommends for everyone include:

  • Huile de Palme: This beautifying oil protects your hair from sun and water. A pre-shampoo treatment formulated with botanical oils that help detangle and nourish your hair. It’s also very effective at providing protection against the damaging effects of sun, seawater and chlorinated pool water. It's the perfect blend to protect and restore damaged length and ends as well as your color.
  • Masque Fleurs de Jasmin: This divine jasmine-scented conditioner works on all hair types. Rich in amino acids, proteins and botanical oils that work together to increase hair flexibility, it detangles and rejuvenates your locks.
  • Serum de Soie Sublimateur: A styling product that fights frizz and tangles, and protects and nourishes without weighing down the hair. It’s a lightweight silk protein serum with specially selected plant oils for increased flexibility and manageability. Used on damp hair, it detangles; used on dry hair, it smoothes and conditions. It’s the perfect daily product for making your hair look its healthiest and most lustrous.