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The French facial: What's it all about?

French-facialWe talk a lot about the Classic French Facial, but what does that mean, exactly? No, we don’t give you a beret and a croissant as you leave. What we do provide, however, is a skincare experience that can transform your skin. For the first time, we are going to reveal what makes a Classic French Facial so special.

The philosophy of a Classic French Facial is first and foremost about respecting the physiology of the skin, the largest organ in the body. The goal is to make it better, healthier and beautiful. A Classic French Facial includes three primary components:

  1. Regulate
  2. Balance
  3. Improve

Regulate: We want to bring your skin to its original state, which means regulating oil production, without harming the protective layer of the skin. During a facial at Jill Bucy Skincare, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed as a gentle cleanser is massaged into your skin. Gentle cleansing is essential to regulating the skin without stripping it, which is why we recommend Biologique Recherche’s Lait U, a crème cleanser, for home cleansing.

Balance: Once the skin is properly cleansed and regulated, it needs to be brought back to proper pH, which should be slightly acidic. Enter P50, a lotion that balances the skin. Masques are also used during this stage to create the proper balance for your skin.

Improve: Once skin is regulated and balanced, it can then be improved. During a facial, relaxing lymphatic drainage massage with anti-aging pressure points will increase lymph flow. Then, our application of soin lissant booster with our unique sculpturing technique will give you healthier skin and a visible facelift. An Advanced French Facial is enhanced includes a machine during the last stage of treatment. We combine serums—customized to your skin—with either the Remodeling Face Machine or the Perfector to moisturize, tone and reshape the facial muscles, and promote the regeneration of the epidermis.

We love the various serums and crèmes from BR, both for the breadth of the line and the efficacy of the products. No matter what your individual skincare concerns—rosacea, mature skin, blemish-prone, dry—serums deliver powerful customized ingredients into your skin and creams moisturize and treat your face and neck.

With a Classic French Facial and a complementary at-home skincare regime, you’ll quickly see results. Instead of stripped, buffed, exfoliated skin, you’ll enjoy glowing, protected, healthy skin. Come in and experience a Classic French Facial today!