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Biologique Recherche rolls out bespoke skincare program

Dr. Philippe AlloucheOur clients have long known that Biologique Recherche is the gold standard in skincare. So it comes as no surprise that BR—a cult favorite amongst beauty insiders—has launched the Haute Couture program, a highly customized regimen where products are created exclusively to meet each client’s individual needs.

While we don’t offer the service but it just went on our beauty bucket list. Here’s why:

The six-month program begins with an assessment by Dr. Philippe Allouche himself (head of creation at BR). Specially trained estheticians will then provide an in-depth skin analysis courtesy of the Skin Instant Lab, a machine that measures hydration, elasticity and pigmentation (we offer Skin Instant Lab in the spa—ask for an analysis with your next treatment).

The results are then sent to Biologique Recherche’s laboratories in France. Their specialists will create an Haute Couture treatment box of serums and creams to target your specific skin issues. Dreamy, non?

New boxes are formulated each month during the program to reflect your changing skin needs that—combined with regular French facials—provide targeted, clinical results. 

The service doesn’t come cheap. The six-month Haute Couture program retails at $12,500. Yeah, we know. That’s why it’s on our bucket list. Meanwhile, we’ll keep getting our Classic French Facials and using BR’s serums and creams at home.

Learn more about the program here