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Detoxify with AlkaBath

AlkabathProcessed foods, lack of exercise, stress, pollution—all these factors create an acidic environment in your body.

Your system works tirelessly to neutralize the acids and toxins as they appear in your system. It does this by leaching minerals from your blood, skin, tissues, bones, etc. As you can imagine, this is not good.

Enter AlkaBath.

A simple and luxurious way to detoxify your body is to soak, AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salts bring your bathwater to the optimum pH value of pH 8.5. Why is this important? By providing an optimal pH environment for your skin, AlkaBath helps your body flush out wastes, acids, and toxins.

This isn’t a new concept. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alkalized, using sodium bicarbonate, milk, or alkaline soaps. The elderly used soft soap with values about pH 9.0. Leaching baths lasting for several hours were a traditional part of ancient Japanese and Mexican culture and are still practiced in these countries due to their benefits for overall physical and spiritual well being.

Edelsteine_enAlkaBath follows in this tradition. Thanks to finely ground precious stones—agate, carneol, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal and onyx—AlkaBath allows the skin to purify and self-oil, giving it perfect suppleness. A bath temperature of 36°– 38° C (97°–100° F) is recommended for full baths, and you should spend at least 30 minutes—45–60 minutes is ideal—soaking. Use 3 tablespoons per bath. For even greater results, brush your body every ten minutes with a bath brush for a simulating effect.

Stop in the studio today and pick up AlkaBath. Your bath and your body will thank you!



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