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4 ways to treat rosacea

Do you have fine red lines around your noses and on your cheeks, tiny pimples, and dry or reddened patches? You might suffer from rosacea.

 You’re not alone.

Rosacea is a disorder that affects an estimated 45 million people around the world. And while diet can trigger rosacea breakouts, the exact causes are not known. Genetics, an autoimmune response to bacteria, a mite that lives in high numbers on the skin, and a protein have all been thought to contribute to rosacea.

But there’s hope.

A host of Biologique Recherche products are specifically formulated to treat redness and rosacea. 

  • Sérum Ethryos is a targeted way to soothe the skin and reduce redness. Just apply a few drops to the affected area before moisturizing.
  • CrèmeVerte Espoir soothes and balances reactive or sensitive skin, thanks to high concentrations of repairing botanical extracts.
  • Sérum Biosensible: Both this serum and the masque below help to reduce skin sensitivity and strengthen the epidermis.
  • Masque Biosensible: This luxe moisturizer is chock full of fatty acids, hyaluronic acid, anti-stress actives and the BR Oxygenating Complex. It is ideal for sensitive, reactive and dehydrated skin.

If you suffer from rosacea or just red, inflamed skin, come into the studio and how we can soothe, balance, and transform it into radiant, glowing skin.


Treating your skin now that summer is over

Sun damageWhile we emphasized the importance of hydrating and protecting the skin as we move into cooler weather, we must also stress the importance of treating your skin to reverse any sun exposure you experienced during our long, glorious summer.

To that end, Svetlana recommends several Biologique products that will repair and renew:

  • P50: The rock upon which BR is built, P50 is a must. Balancing exfoliators speed up the epidermis' natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified epidermis can then fulfill its protective functions completely, enhancing skin's self-regeneration potential.
  • Lotion MC 110 No1 or No2: A supplement to P50, this restructuring lotion exfoliates and tones the epidermis and smoothes lines and wrinkles.
  • Masque Vivant: BR’s balancing mask par excellence, Masque Vivant is ideal for skin that got a little too much sun. High concentrations of Yeast, Cucumber, and Witch Hazel extracts gently but effectively purify the skin, transforming a dull, uneven complexion into radiant skin. 
  • Crème PIGM 400: The sun can leave skin uneven, dull and even spotted. This secret weapon is a concentrated mix of brightening, anti-spot and protective ingredients. Its formulation helps correct existing imperfections and prevents the appearance of further pigmentary spots. The complexion is brighter and the skin more uniform.
  • Sérum PIGM 400: Used in conjunction with Crème PIGM 400, this brightening, spot-correcting serum illuminates the complexion and fights free radicals. In addition, the serum will help prevent further sun damage and dark spots.

In addition, there are some great foods you can incorporate into your diet going forward to protect your skin from the sun, including salmon and dark chocolate (not exactly a hardship!). We write about our top 10 foods here.

And of course, come in for a treatment—a Classic French Facial, paired with the Perfector Treatment, will revitalize and repair the skin. Your skin will feel transformed, even as the leaves are changing.