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June 2014

New BR Serum Fights Redness

Rosacea happens to the best of us. And eliminating dairy can only do so much. Enter Sérum Erythros, a targeted serum that helps diffuse redness and reduce the skin bloodstream and formation of new blood vessels. In short, it’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin or whose complexion tends towards rosacea.

The latest from Biologique Recherche, Sérum Erythros  acts simultaneously on the causes of vascular dilation, the formation and propagation of new blood vessels, inflammation, and visible redness. The selected agents, plant-based or biotechnological, have all been selected for their efficacy.

When used in concert with your BR cleanser, P50, and cream, Sérum Erythos will visibly reduce redness in short order. Our clients are already raving about the results; experience it yourself!

Just in time for Summer: Exclusive Body Slimming Treatment!

NY training 0514Svetlana and Emily recently returned from training in New York with Biologique Recherche’s Dr. Allouche. Not only did they bring back the latest facial treatments and products, they developed a body slimming treatment that they are introducing to our Seattle clients.

“We were amazed by the immediate results we saw,” Svetlana said. The treatment can be used on the stomach, jaw area, thighs and arms, and uses state-of-the-art technology and products. Here’s how it works:

  • We cleanse the area.
  • A P50 exfoliation is performed with a unique body glove that exfoliates, stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps with product penetration.
  • Clients are treated to a resculpting Lift C.V.S.
  • This is followed by a lymphatic massage with a detox oil.
  • We apply our detoxifying Bains de Plantes mask.
  • Next, we treat clients to an Ion Corps application that incorporates the remodeling machine for full tightening.
  • We finish with Emulsion Originelle Regenerante Corps body cream.

The result is firm, tighter skin, just in time for skin-baring season. Our body slimming treatment can be performed on legs or the stomach as individual treatments, and an arms treatment can be added to any facial. This is an exclusive treatment, created just for Jill Bucy Skincare clients. Try it today and get toned for Summer. The price varies, depending on the area being treated and what the client specifically wants, as there are different body masks and machine options.