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Seattleite raves about Svetlana

FrenchFacial1-630x355The word is getting out that Svetlana is Seattle's best-kept secret in the quest for glowing, youthful skin! Seattleite recently experienced a Ultimate Lift Facial with Svetlana, which returned her 16 weeks' pregnant complexion to normal. Her words speak for themselves:

"After descending into a bliss that can only be brought on by the hands of Svetlana (and only momentarily startled when she used the Perfector which I had never experienced before—it was a painless “zapping” sensation), I came out from behind the sliding doors fresh-faced and fancy-free."

"A few weeks later and my skin seems to be almost back to pre-pregnancy normal. So with that, I can officially say Svetlana at Jill Bucy is worth a visit and a relaxing hour out of your day."

Come experience the magic that is Svetlana and Jill Bucy Skincare today!

Fight redness with Tata Harper

Do you have problems with redness, rosacea perhaps? Stop into the studio and try out Tata Harper’s Hydrating Floral Essence.

A light moisturizing toner spray that hydrates the skin and gives the complexion a fresh, dewy radiance, it contains no alcohols or harsh astringents. It’s perfect for everyday use on top of makeup as an anti-aging treatment on-the-go. Just spritz it whenever you want to soothe your skin.

Hydrating Floral Essence is loaded with ingredients fantastic for your skin:

  • Improves the appearance of redness and pore size with antioxidant-rich witch hazel
  • Contains natural hyaluronic acid to preserve the skin's natural hydration factor
  • Beet root extract minimizes the appearance of fine lines and reduces the signs of aging
  • Contains high levels of antioxidant vitamin C to fight against free radicals
  • Visibly improves skin tone and restores elasticity with gotu kola and jasmine extracts
  • Detoxifies skin, stimulates circulation and reduces pore size with pink

If you're looking for something to calm your skin throughout the day, give this toner a try. And did we mention it smells fantastic?