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Seattle Met loves Svetlana's "hands-on" approach

Shop_TalkWe were thrilled to see that Laura Cassidy, Seattle Met's Style Editor, loved her facial treatment with Svetlana. It had such an impact, that she continued to think about Svetlana and the treatment days later. "Som spas rely almost exclusively on wands and microcurrents," Laura wrote. "When I was in Ponomareva's care, she used the French-formulated product and her hands: gently but purposefully pushing up, over, and somehow vaguely in the direction of a better and if not younger than not-older me."

Laura also sees how Jill Bucy Skincare's philosophy fits right in with the current trend toward slow, thoughtful, and non-toxic. "It seems to me now," she said, "when I eventually remember to snap out of the hot water each morning, that hands-on 'face lifts' are right in line with canning your own tomatoes, car-sharing, and roof-top solar panels. In other worlds, if you're commited to non-toxic, low-impact living and you're interested in slowing the march of time, you might consider spending 90 minutes or so at Jill Bucy to see if this small-batch approach to skin care is right for you."

Read about Laura's experience on the Seattle Met Shop/Talk blog here.

Protect your skin this summer with Epicurean X-Treme Creme SPF 45

103-Epicuren_X-treme_Cream_SPF_45_fullWhile it’s summer in Seattle, it’s hard to believe that it’s actually sunny in Seattle.

It’s a miracle.

What’s also rather miraculous is Epicuren X-Treme Cream SPF45. This sunscreen is propolis-based and is an excellent treatment cream for sun and harsh elements. Besides offering SPF, it’s soothing and anti-inflammatory, making it excellent for sun and windburned skin. Use on the face or body and protect your gorgeous skin.