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February 2013

Training with Dr. Allouche

Photo 2 Svetlana just got back from Los Angeles, where she discovered the latest Biologique Recherche techniques and products. “There was so much information as usual!” Svetlana reported. “Dr. Phillippe Allouche lectured on the physiology of the skin. As the largest organ, it’s the interface between the environment and the organism that is us.”

He reminded the estheticians in attendance to treat skin with respect and to not only seek to balance the skin, but to improve it. To that end, he introduced the latest BR products, which included new serums and a Triple Lift Masque. “He demonstrated the magic technique of a manual face lift with a Soin Lissant booster. It delivered amazing results!” Later, when they were practicing on each other, Dr. Allouche gave his approval to Svetlana’s technique. You can be sure that you’re getting the most effective French skin care available when you experience a treatment with us!

Jill’s Amsterdam Chronicles

Amsterdam-bike-best-jobs-articleI may be across the world but I am still thinking of you all and your skin. Svetlana and I are going to make sure your skin remains beautiful, even in the cold winter weather. As I have been without a car and only a bike to get around, with no Svetlana to give me one of her wonderful soin lissant treatments, I noticed my skin looking dull and tired. So I did what any Biologique Recherche devotée would do.

I got out my trusted MC 110 and Masque Vivant and did an intensive treatment at home. Here’s what I did:

  • Cleanse
  • Swipe P50 over my face and neck
  • Apply a thick layer of Masque Vivant all over
  • Sit for 15 minutes
  • Add warm water and activate the masque’s enzymes
  • Leave on for five more minutes and rinse well
  • Apply a bit more MC 110 on the pad than usual. Press it into skin from neck upward and out, using more on any lines and around the eyes (also use a bit on the backs of hands)
  • Follow with a combination of serums to lock in the natural moisture factor
  • Add moisturizer and finishing serum

This isn’t a replacement to a treatment but it makes the skin glow between a French facial.



Meet Svetlana Ponomareva

Sveta small
As she was relocating to the Netherlands with her family, Jill’s biggest wish was to leave her clients in the best hands possible, someone who would carry on and expand on true French skincare methodologies. After considering several skin care therapists, Svetlana Ponomareva was her first choice. "I have received so many e-mails from clients who are so happy to have Svetlana's treatments and love her style—she has wonderful hands. She is the only skincare therapist in the US who I would trust to work on my skin," Jill says. As the new owner, Svetlana will continue to bring a passion for French methodologies to Jill Bucy Skincare. She has been extensively trained by Jill, as well as the top Biologique Recherche Paris training team.

Like Jill, Svetlana believes that glowing skin comes from within, as well from an excellent skincare regime. “It’s how you eat, your attitude, and taking great care of your skin,” she says. She grew up in Russia in a family of artists and was always drawn to beauty. She was also drawn to Biologique Recherche. “I was not born with perfect skin and wondered if it was possible to make your skin flawless and beautiful. Before BR, I didn’t know much about French skincare. From the first day, I was astonished. I got a feeling, this is it. The French technique and philosophy feels so organic and so right. It’s the only skincare that changed my skin quickly,” she says, singling out P50 and the VIP line as favorites.

She’s also a fan of natural, unprocessed honey (“it contains enzymes that heal the body”), and is a huge fan of bee pollen and royal jelly. That said, Svetlana loves makeup as well. “It emphasizes a woman’s beauty, and with good, nourished skin, it’s such a pleasure to apply.”

And in case you’re curious about Jill, she’s settling into her new life in the Netherlands and is embracing the opportunity to explore the surroundings and spend more time with her sons and husband. While she may be in Europe, Jill will be helping Svetlana and Reini Greene by researching the newest and most effective treatments coming out of France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and bringing it to the clients.

Jill Bucy Skincare is dedicated to bringing our clients the most effective, non-invasive skincare available. With Sveta and Reini in the studio, your face is in good hands.

Changes in the Studio

Jill Bucy Skincare has been the not-so-secret destination for those seeking to transform their skin.

Known for revolutionary and revitalizing treatments, Jill Bucy Skincare is grounded in French skincare and wellness philosophies, using Biologique Recherche products and CIDESCO-based treatments and techniques.

That has not changed.

What is new, however, is the spa's owner. Under the guidance of new owner Svetlana Ponomareva Jill Bucy Skincare will continue  to offer the highest quality of French facial treatments. Like Jill, Svetlana Ponomareva specializes in cutting-edge anti-aging treatments that manage to be both pampering and wildly effective.

While Jill will be making periodic visits to the spa, she’s left it in good hands and clients will continue to feel rejuvenated and to enjoy flawless skin with each visit. So book a treament with Svetlana and know that you're in good hands.