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Tata Harper's yummy moisturizer

Product_img_122_250x250  We've been loving the Tata Harper Deluxe Beauty Set and wanted to call out the Rebuilding Moisturizer. In a word, yum.

It improves hydration and leaves the face with a matte finish. Containing raw honey, rose, aloe vera, and linden blossom, rose, bergamot and geranium essential oils, it's nourishing, protective, healing, rejuvenating, and soothing. Your skin will look soft, glowing, and all-around fresh. In a word, yum.

A tour through Tata Harper

Product_img_108_250x250 Have you tried the Tata Harper skin care that took the studio by storm last week? We have a great sampling of products available and the Deluxe Beauty Set allows you to try all the key products, including:

  • Regenerating Cleanser
  • Hydrating Floral Essence
  • Rejuvenating Serum
  • Rebuilding Moisturizer
  • Resotrative Eye Crème
  • Replenishing Nutrient Complex
  • Resurfacing Mask
  • Revitalizing Body Oil

We are particularly taken with the Refreshing Cleanser. Just two pumps and you’ll have a creamy, luscious experience while washing your face and neck. It will cleanse thoroughly while keeping your sensitive skin supple and hydrated, thanks to pink French clay, pomegranate, white willow bark, and neroli. Let’s just say that Robyn is in love with this cleanser and she’s a tough critic.