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Don't let your sunscreen become a sunscream

Sunscreen You may have noticed that we don't carry any sunscreens in the studio. It's not for lack of desire. Jill has long been on a hunt for an effective sunscreen that is great for your skin and your health. She wants to find the absolute best protection from the sun. You may be slathering on your shot glass full of SPF 100 lotion, but did you know that some sunscreens can actually do you harm?

The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit agency that analyzes and rates sunscreens each year,  posted "Sunscreens Exposed: 9 Surprising Truths," which includes valuable information such as "too little sun might be harmful, reducing the body's vitamin D levels" and "free radicals and other skin damaging byproducts result from sunscreen use." Check out the site for valuable information about sunscreen and your heath and beauty.

And keep your eyes peeled in the studio; we may be close to bringing in an excellent, safe product.


Keep your skin glowing as your vacation gets going

Mr_f748a19fb669f1 When traveling, make sure to take the essentials.  Cleanse with Lait U, balance with P50, and hydrate with your preferred Biologique moisturizer. Take a masque as well, since travel can dehydrate and dull your skin. The Masque Vivant is good for clearing up congestion and brightening the skin. The Masque VIP 02 is essential for hydrating and relieving puffiness, and its oxygenating properties restore radiance to stressed, asphyxiated skin after a long flight. The Masque VIP02 is also great for calming sunburn. You can put it in the refrigerator and apply a thick layer to the skin for serious soothing.


While on the plane, spritz your skin with the L'Eauxygenante every hour.  This will not only refresh your skin but help battle the dryness of cabin air.  If you can,  board the plane fresh-faced, without makeup. This will help the L'Eauxygenante to penetrate better. We even have travel sizes of the L'Eauxygenante available in the studio. (On that note, Biologique is FINALLY coming out with travel-sized containers of all the essentials. They are expected to arrive stateside this summer.)


Meanwhile, don't forget to drink lots of water no matter where your travels take you. Happy trails!


When you land, take a loooooong Alkabath to combat jet lag.  With these tips, you’ll be radiant and relaxed wherever your travels take you.