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Miracle in a Bottle

Oil_TripleSkin_185x114 Everyone is raving about Ascended Health’s Triple Skin Healing Oil, and with good reason. It’s sort of a miracle in a bottle for whatever might ail your skin. Redness or rashy areas? Acne? Scarring? No matter what issues you’re having with your skin, a little dab of oil on the affected area will result in clearer skin in short order. Dot it on a blemish and it will be markedly reduced overnight. Apply it to an acne scar or scab and it will be almost gone in just a couple of days. If you have perpetually red areas around your nose or mouth, this oil will do wonders.

This is a pure, highly concentrated form of essential oils, a proprietary blend of calendula, arnica, comfrey, rose otto, melissa, clove, oregano, frankincense, vitamin E, birch bark, Polynesian tree nut oils, and unfiltered, organic, first press Mt. Shasta Olive Oil. It takes 30 ml of total essential oils to make a thick, 5 ml concentrate and the result is potent and healing.  It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, analgesic, and skin regeneration properties.


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Pharmacist George

I am a pharmacist who understands the problems people go through trying to treat acne. I've worked in community pharmacy for many years and learned most the tricks and latest treatments available. My patients have been having great success with these treatments; maybe this is something which could be right for you.

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