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Ascended Health oils soothe, heal, and protect

Oil_IAmBeautiful02_400x300 In her ongoing quest to find the absolute best products that will promote wellness and beauty, Jill discovered Ascended Health. We currently carry the I Am Beautiful Skin Oil and the Triple Skin Healing Oil.


I Am Beautiful Skin Oil can be used in lieu of a nighttime serum and moisturizer to regenerate aging and sun damaged skin. The oxygenated oil soaks immediately into your skin and promotes natural healing mechanisms in the skin. It contains all sorts of amazing ingredients, including oxygenated oils of olive, coconut, jojoba, vitamin E, rose otto, neroli, frankinsense, myrrh. marine phytoplankton, elk antler velvet, cat's claw, and samambaia. If you aren’t familiar with it, the elk anter velvet, or EAV, has numerous growth promoting factors thought to enhance skin and capillary growth and yes, it is derived from elk antlers!

Give this luscious oil a try and your skin will glow, fine lines will smooth, and sun damage will heal.

Then there’s the Triple Skin Healing Oil, which Jill and Taryn swear by for blemishes, rashes, and skin irritiation. It quickly heals and protects; use it as a spot treatment or all over your face and neck. Some of the Ascended Health testimonials rave about staving off third-degree burns and long-term scar tissue. Including essential oils of calendula, arnica, comfrey, rose otto, melissa, clove, oregano, frankincense, vitamin E, birch bark, polynesian tree nut oils and unfiltered, organic first-press Mt. Shasta olive oil, the Triple Skin Healing Oil will soon become indispensible to your skincare regimen.

Stop by the studio to check out these marvelous oils and to hear Jill, Taryn, and Robyn rave.

Get Oscar-worthy updos with Leonor Greyl!

We love the entire line of Leonor Greyl hair treatments and styling products, and so does Hollywood! Creighton Bowman styled Melissa Leo's hair for her Oscar-winning evening and now shows you how to recreate Leo's updo, as well as Mila Kunis's dreamy side chignon. Check out these great instructional videos for Melissa Leo and Mila Kunis to learn how to add some movie star drama to your hair. Stop in the studio to peruse the various Leonor Greyl styling products, from the Serum de Soie Sublimateur (a styling serum that can be used on wet or dry hair to smooth and shine) to Gel à la Keratine (an alcohol-free styling gel).