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Cnn_ess_ornish-cropped-proto-custom_1 We’ve been singing the praises of an alkaline diet, and now Bill Clinton is too! Check out his interview with Wolf Blitzer, where he describes his dramatic weight loss through an alkaline-friendly diet, which has the capacity to heal the body and turn around heart disease.

Have you discovered the wonders of an alkaline diet? Eating foods that alkalize your system like green drinks, raw vegetables, and nuts, and avoiding acid-producing foods like meat, sugar, and processed foods can drastically change your health and your weight. Jill has long been an advocate of an alkaline lifestyle and we carry P. Jentschura products in the studio that will help to alkalize your system. From MorgenStund porridge to Wurzelkraft plant granules to treat your system internally to copper body brushes and AlkaBath to promote elimination of toxins, the products have quickly become key to many of our clients' wellness plans. One client has lost 15 pounds since October by changing her diet and incorporating P. Jentschura into her daily regimen. Come in and see what all the buzz is about!






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Ray Foucher

Many people would benefit by adopting something like the Bill Clinton diet. The primary and best source of all nutrients is from plants. Anytime we eat an animal we are ony getting our nutrients second-hand and they come with all kinds of problems.
Dr Esselstyn had a great effect on Bill Clinton because of the reserach he did showing that a plant-based diet is very superior to the Standard American Diet (SAD).

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