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January 2011

Getting back to basics

We are thrilled to announce a few changes around the studio. If you’ve been in lately, you may have noticed that we’ve built out a gorgeous, new treatment room for additonal client pampering. It’s spacious and serene, thanks to Steve, Larry and Grant of Fradkin Fine Construction. They do beautiful work, finishing on time and on budget. If that’s not enough, they’re really, really nice. Other changes are afoot. We are going to be adding an infrared pad to the facial bed that will become part of every treatment. In line with the French philosophy of holistic and systemic skincare, the pad has anti-aging benefits, reduces stress and fatigue, eliminates toxins, soothes joints, and burns calories…all while you’re enjoying your treatment.

Going forward, we will be focusing exclusively on skincare. Our speciality is French-based facials customized to your particular needs—that will never change. We’ll continue to use Biologique Recherche products during our treatments, and we’ll also continue to carry the lines you love: Huiles & Baume, Leonor Greyl, P. Jentschura, and Kneipp. And, as icing on the cake, we will be open on Sundays for your convenience.

Stay tuned for a new menu and photos of the new space!

Glowing skin is your best accessory

160-a As awards shows get under way, we can’t help but think that glowing skin is your best accessory. Rather than going in for a harsh acid peel or microdermabrasion, Jill recommends a gentler but oh-so-effective approach.

For a big upcoming event, start a skin-care regimen about three months in advance. In addition to at-home care, schedule a treatment (we start with a Classic French Facial so we can get an understanding of your individual skin needs and make a treatment plan) every two to three weeks until the skin responds, then once a month until the big event. Of course, once the occasion has passed, keep your skin radiant through regular treatments and great skincare. We love the Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant; the high concentrations of yeast, cucumber, and Witch Hazel  balances and purifies dull skin.