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Jill raves about a Paris treasure


Thumb_01 SjaulinI’ve had the most incredible three weeks in Paris, hunting down the latest treatments and products. I’ll be heading back to the States today but I wanted to share a particularly mind-blowing experience.

After hearing amazing things about him, I couldn’t wait for my treatments with Stephane Jaulin at L’Appartement 217.  And with good reason. I walked into the beautiful spa, which is feng shui-ed out but thoroughly Parisian at the same time. Stephane must have put 40 different products on my skin (I lost count somewhere around 20), and then started working pressure points on my legs. Stephane takes a holistic approach to his treatments, working on not only the face but the entire body, and the experience was fantastique. I also went into an Iyashi Dôme, a ceramic chamber (think spa version of an MRI machine) that uses heat to eliminate the metals, substances, and fats in the body that cause weight gain and allergies. I was blissed out and felt clean and healthy.

Even with a booked schedule, I had to go back to Stephane for another treatment before I left France. I’m hooked, and am bringing back a suitcase full of supplements and food products to keep the health benefits going. My treatments at L’Appartement 217 were nothing like anything I’ve experienced in the U.S. Of course, my mind is busy plotting ways to bring this experience, the product lines, and perhaps even Stephane himself (to train the staff) to the spa in the future. 

Stay tuned for more news on L’Appartement 217, as well as other treatments and products I discovered in my travels through Paris. This trip has been life-changing and I can't wait to share more with you in the upcoming weeks.