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August 2010

Jill's off to Paris!

Postcard Jill is jetting off to Paris this weekend to ferret out the latest French  treatments and products. She’ll be sending notes from the road but here’s a sneak peek of her itinerary.

Aside from meeting up with top executives at Biologique Recherche, she’ll be meeting with Anne Sémonin at Hôtel le Bristol and L'Appartement 217 for a few “cult” treatments—an anti-aging oxygen facial, infrared treatment, and ayurvedic massage. Then she’s off to Leonor Greyl (remember, we carry these transformational products in the spa) for the signature scalp facial. Jealous? Well, there’s more. She’s going to try to meet with Joelle Ciocco (creator of the Epidermology® Method, an authentic study that evaluates the skin’s nutritional requirements, thereby establishing the right kind of cosmetic products for the skin) to look at her work and check out yet another spa specializing in facials.

She’ll also check out the latest cellulite machines at Cellusonic and hit the Maison&Objet gift show before leaving the country. Nous sommes fatigués just thinking about it all.

All of the treatments Jill is investigating use true French methods and include very specific massage techniques that work on lifting the muscles, draining toxins, and bringing microcirculation to the surface.


Huiles & Baumes face cleansing cream

Huiles & Baumes face cleansing cream Who says cleansing creams have to be boring or unscented? Huiles & Baumes face cleansing cream is a revelation. In fact, it makes us downright happy every time we rub it into our skin. It feels like a frothy citrus sorbet sliding over our skin and smells fantastique, thanks to the addition of orange. Sweet almond, jojoba, and St. John’s Wort oils soften, soothe, and cleanse the skin.

The daily cleanser also includes rose hip, verbena, chamomile, and ylang ylang, geranium, and sandalwood essential oils.

If you haven't checked out the Huiles & Baumes line, please stop into the studio. The line, which Jill tracked down in Aix en Provence, features 100% natural and organic products that are certified Ecocert and Cosmebio. 

Biologique Recherche trainer introduces new techniques to staff

IMG_5223Mahtab Moaven, head trainer from Biologique Recherche Paris, came to our spa for an advanced training session to train our staff in the latest anti-aging techniques from Paris. These unique treatments are not found in the US and are highly effective. Mahtab has been with BR for more than 20 years and works very closely with BR founder Dr. Allouche.  

We practiced on a few clients, and the results were stunning! For one client, the treatment plumped the skin and softened stress lines to such a degree that it took years off. Another client had a few things to say about a new lymphatic drainage technique: “The estheticians pressed into my chest, neck, head and face at key points. When I was done and went home, I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin looked. My eyelids have not been this unpuffy in years! The difference was crazy.”

Taryn, Stacy, and Jill worked with Mahtab to master these and other techniques, and soon will be incorporating them into treatments and introducing new services on the menu.