Leonor Greyl case study #1: itchy, flaky scalp
Leonor Greyl case study #3: Long hair, oily scalp

Leonor Greyl case study #2: damaged hair

After trying out the Leonor Greyl treatment line, Taryn gladly offered up her experience.

The diagnosis:

“Obviously, I bleach my hair often. I’ve been dealing with dry hair and breakage since I was 17 and started bleaching my hair. It’s fried and damaged and dry and brittle. It breaks easily because it’s so dry. I was using all sorts of products that coated the hair and made it feel good. Then I switched over to Leonor Greyl.”

“My hair went from feeling coated, which was fine, to undergoing a process where my hair felt a little dry for about a week because the product was coming off. Now, it feels light and silky, so much more healthy and thick. I don’t know how that’s possible, since I’m not putting any thickening stuff in my hair. I really see a change in my hair—there’s less breakage, and I don’t have to do anything to it or put any product into it. I can go 3–4 days and it still looks good. It feels stronger and looks better.”

Here are the Leonor Greyl treatments that Taryn loves…

The solutions:

(photo: colette-salon.com)



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I have damaged hair too. Thanks for posting

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