Leonor Greyl case study #2: damaged hair
Aging Gracefully, the French Way

Leonor Greyl case study #3: Long hair, oily scalp

Grow-long-hair-fasterThe diagnosis: If you’ve been in the spa, you know that Stacy has gorgeous long hair. But she usually has to wash it every day because her scalp gets too oily for her. Sound familiar? With this sort of frequent washing, the ends became very dry. What to do?

The solutions: She now uses the Leonor Greyl Bain TS, a balancing shampoo specifically designed for an oily scalp and dry ends. Focusing on shampooing only the scalp, Stacy is now able to go an extra day between shampoos. She also uses the Huile de Palme on her lengths and ends to protect her long locks from the sun (can you tell that the Huile de Palme is a resounding hit around the spa?).

How do you combat an oily scalp?

(photo: hairstyleschat.com)


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