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June 2010

The Skin Whisperer

After a client told Jill and Robyn about her experience, we asked her to share her thoughts on Jill and our philosophy. Here’s what she said:

I love getting treatments and trying new products. And before I went to Jill, I thought my skin was fine. Not great, but fine. I accepted the patchy, rashy area around my hairline, I kept the flaky psoriasis around my nose in check with hydrocortisone cream…for twenty years. I treated the occasional breakout with that famous pink spot cream.

After hearing from estheticians, beauty insiders, and even dermatologists, I was resigned to keeping my skin issues in line topically, or hiding them under my bangs or concealer. I thought the way to the promised land of skin was through cleaning, exfoliating, and the occasional peel or microdermabrasion.

Then I went to Jill.

Everything changed. She took one look at my hairline and asked me if I used an exfoliating cleanser. I did. She explained that I had contact dermatitis that was being aggravated by the harsh exfoliant, not to mention the fragrance in my product. (I then mentioned my constantly itching scalp and she asked me if I used a popular line of aromatherapy shampoos. I did. She told me to stop; the fragrance and sudsing agents were too harsh for me.) Jill told me about the French approach to skincare, that it’s about protecting the skin rather than cleaning and scrubbing. If I wanted to improve my skin, I’d have to back away from the suds and granules and embrace the dewy feeling of cleansing milks.

I was starting to believe.

She looked at my reddened skin and started talking about internal inflammation. At this point, I realized that Jill just might be a skin genie or magician or whisperer. Jill believes that the issues that show up on our skin are a reflection of something going on in our bodies. She recommended green drinks or chlorophyll drops to balance my body's pH, as well as black current seed oil or borage oil supplements.

I did everything she said—swapping out my spendy skincare products for Biologique Recherche, avoiding highly fragranced shampoos, buying supplements, drinking down seaweed-green beverages in the morning—and my skin has been transformed. In fact, ever since  my first facial with Jill, my lifelong contact dermatitis and psoriasis never, ever came back.

 To call Jill’s service just a facial is to do it and her a disservice. I got a skin therapy session. It seems so obvious now—protect and nourish the skin—but I’ve spent decades reading about the latest treatments and products, trying to fix the problem by applying something new or scrubbing away the offending blemish. I know that my skin has to be treated from the inside as well as the outside. Through Jill, I’ve learned to take care of my skin by taking care of myself. 

—A happy, glowing client

Product showcase: Leonor Greyl's Huile de Palme

Panel4 The Leonor Greyl hair treatment line arrived last week and all the products are flying off the shelves. In fact, the Huile de Palme sold out in less than a day (not to worry; more arrived today). What makes this treatment oil such a must for lustrous, healthy hair?

Well, the palm oil silkens and softens the hair, while waterproofing it. Vegetal oils act as a UV filter and add shine. The result is a unique pre-shampoo treatment that detangles, nourishes, and protects all types of hair, including damaged and color-treated hair, against the damaging effects of sun, salt water, and chlorinated pool water.

To use, put a dime-sized amount in your hands and, with a wide-tooth comb, comb it through your dry (not wet) length and ends. Use more if needed. Leave the oil on your hair for at least 10 minutes (you can leave it in all night for a deep-conditioning treatment). Then, wash it out with a shampoo suitable to your hair type. Reapply after three or four immersions in water.

Jill Bucy Skincare is the only place in Seattle to carry the Leonor Greyl line, long a secret among beauty insiders. The most natural in the luxury hair-care category, Leonor Greyl products do not contain sodium laureth sulfates, silicone, coal tar, or parabens. The company, a family-based business, was founded in 1968, and is a staple in French haircare among Parisian hair stylists, models, and celebrities.  


Leonor Greyl hair products arrive!

LeonorgreylhuiledepalmeIf you’ve been in the spa recently, you’ll know how giddy the entire staff has been about the arrival of Leonor Greyl treatments for the hair and scalp. We’re even more crazed now that they’ve landed in our reception area! We carry almost the complete line of oils, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, leave-in treatments, and styling products. While we are currently developing some new services around these transformational, effective treatments (the second spa in the country to do so), in the mean time, you can come in and get a customized hair prescription! 

The beauty of the Parisian line is its breadth and depth, and its efficacy. There are products for all stages of hair care (from shampoo to styling) and products and treatments for every type of scalp and hair texture. Come on in and our staff will prescribe your hair solution.

A few products that the staff recommends for everyone include:

  • Huile de Palme: This beautifying oil protects your hair from sun and water. A pre-shampoo treatment formulated with botanical oils that help detangle and nourish your hair. It’s also very effective at providing protection against the damaging effects of sun, seawater and chlorinated pool water. It's the perfect blend to protect and restore damaged length and ends as well as your color.
  • Masque Fleurs de Jasmin: This divine jasmine-scented conditioner works on all hair types. Rich in amino acids, proteins and botanical oils that work together to increase hair flexibility, it detangles and rejuvenates your locks.
  • Serum de Soie Sublimateur: A styling product that fights frizz and tangles, and protects and nourishes without weighing down the hair. It’s a lightweight silk protein serum with specially selected plant oils for increased flexibility and manageability. Used on damp hair, it detangles; used on dry hair, it smoothes and conditions. It’s the perfect daily product for making your hair look its healthiest and most lustrous.


CIDESCO: What it actually means

CidescoWe talk about CIDESCO training…a lot. We might even mention it to our clients and then wait for them to be duly impressed. But then, we realize that they probably don't have any idea what that means. 

A little backstory: Founded in Switzerland in1946 (its Head Office is in Zurich), CIDESCO is now represented in over 33 countries. The CIDESCO Diploma is the world's most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy. Jill got her diploma in England; Taryn picked hers up in Vancouver. And the whole staff continues its training with Biologique Recherche.

What this means for you is that our CIDESCO-trained staff has put in at least 1,850 hours of training in practical and theoretical work in a registered CIDESCO school. That's a whole lot of time to put in before we touch your face. We can expertly analyze your skincare needs and then address them effectively. You and your skin are in very good hands with us. CIDESCO wouldn't accept anything less, and neither would we.