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Under the (Memorial Day) Weather

Yhst-97190650557817_2106_2716397The Memorial Day weekend weather may not be the stuff of which summer dreams are made, but you can perk up your mood with a little pampering. When there’s a chill in the air, grab some Kniepp bath products in our spa boutique and head to the tub. If allergies are getting you down, soak in a Eucalyptus Herbal Bath. If the grey weather is making you sleepy, pop a Rosemary or Spruce Sparkling Bath Tablet into the bath and awaken your body and mind.

If you do happen to hike up Mount Si or bike the Burke-Gilman, soothe tired legs with Arnica Intensive Cream, Arnica Active Gel, and Arnica Warming Massage Oil. Arnica has been used for centuries for sprains, bruises, and wounds. While you may not be recovering from road rash or surgery, arnica can help reduce inflammation and speed the healing process.

Happy Memorial Day!


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