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Yhst-97190650557817_2100_4623342We’ve already sung the praises of Kneipp but humor us a bit longer as we talk about a few of the herbal baths. 

The Lavender Balancing Herbal Bath is our favorite for a rainy evening. Its bright blue color is matched by the fresh, soothing smell of lavender that surrounds you in the tub. Love.

Then there’s the Cold & Wet Weather Bath for Children. Robyn used it when her son was under the weather He woke up a believer. It cured what ailed him. The Valerian & Hops Sleep Well Herbal Bath is just the thing to sink into when your mind is racing after a busy day. Wind down with it and you’ll sleep like a baby (prep your bed before you climb into the tub, because this works fast!). A Rosemary Bath will revive your spirits and engage your senses with its sharp fragrant smell.

The thing about all of these herbal baths is the intensity of their smell. You can smell the pure herbal essence while they are working on your body and spirit. Stop by and check out these and other Kneipp Herbal Baths. They are just the thing for a damp Seattle evening.

(photo: knieppus.com)


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