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Taryn offers up tips for a destination wedding

Beach-theme-aerialBefore Taryn skipped town to get hitched on a tropical island, she offered up a few tips for a destination wedding. 

  • Pack your toiletries in small containers and double pack everything (Ziploc within a Ziploc, for example); bottles and jars could explode in your suitcase.
  • Don’t pack all of your stuff in your one suitcase. Instead, pack half of your belongings in your suitcase and half in your fiancé’s luggage, and instruct him to do the same. And make sure you split up the types of things you’re packing, so you have a bit of everything in each bag (in other words, don’t put all of your undies in one suitcase in the event it’s lost).
  • Do everything you can to carry your dress on the plane. Some airlines allow you to carry your dress on, in addition to your allotted carry-on and personal item. If it’s not a poufy meringue of a dress, put it in a garment bag and ask a flight attendant to hang it in the first-class closet when you board the plane. 
  • Don’t worry! The reason you’re jetting off to a destination wedding is to avoid all of the hoopla a giant wedding in your hometown might generate. Put on some sunscreen, take off your shoes, and get married on the beach.

(photo: magicalday.com)


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