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Countering inflammation

Oil3Jill is a big believer that internal inflammation will show up on your skin. Wrinkling, rosacea, and skin rashes, for instance, can be connected to all the disease processes in the body. Who knew? Well, Jill.

“Why you may have a genetic predisposition to inflammation, you can be preventative as possible,” Jill says.

“Inflammation can show up in the form of seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, and any kind of recurring skin rashes. Breakouts can have to do with inflammation in the body or the breaking down of sugars (sugars can exacerbate acne). When we start working with clients, we recommend they take borage oil, a source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which is excellent for countering free radical damage, lubricating the skin, and reducing inflammation in the body. Evening primrose and black current seed oil can be taken as well,” she explains.

Jill also talks with clients about “alkalining” their system, i.e. creating an alkaline environment internally through diet. “Eating green foods, taking liquid chlorophyll  (which you can get in supplement form at Metropolitan Market and health food stores), consuming green barley drinks, putting that green magma stuff in your water in the morning, adding alkaline drops to your water—all of this creates more neutral, alkaline environment, which in turn reduces inflammation.”

(photo of borage plant:

Beauty on vacation


Taryn’s not the only one jetting off to exotic locales. Jill just got back from a warm-weather family vacation and offered up a few beauty tips. 

"I always bring along Masque Vivant. When I’ve been in the water and wearing sunscreen for a couple of days, I use this to have a pretty glow without all the buildup. If you’re like me, your skin feels almost asphyxiated after a repeated sunscreen use. The masque is a digestive enzyme so it goes at dead tissue and sunscreen build-up. And it won’t take away your tan!”

“I also bring along the Heel Repair Cream from Jessica. You know when you go from regular shoes to sandals and your heels get really dry? (Cracked heels can indicate a deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids) Well, I put this balm by the bed and use it to keep my heels soft. Whether you’re going on a beach vacation or just transitioning from spring to summer, this is a great product to use to keep your feet from looking dry and feeling cracked.”

And this is a truly brilliant idea: Jill gets her eyebrows and lashes tinted before she goes on vacation. The darker tint frames her face and gives it definition without having to wear makeup. Let’s face it, when we’re on vacation, the last thing we want to do is slap on makeup. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to look good.

And for those long plane flights? Use a serum and a rich cream—this not only moisturizes but protects your skin from the bad air on the plane—and forego most of your makeup. You’ll find that mascara and lip gloss go a long way. You’ll arrive at your destination with glowing skin.

What Kneipp type are you?

Yhst-97190650557817_2100_4623342We’ve already sung the praises of Kneipp but humor us a bit longer as we talk about a few of the herbal baths. 

The Lavender Balancing Herbal Bath is our favorite for a rainy evening. Its bright blue color is matched by the fresh, soothing smell of lavender that surrounds you in the tub. Love.

Then there’s the Cold & Wet Weather Bath for Children. Robyn used it when her son was under the weather He woke up a believer. It cured what ailed him. The Valerian & Hops Sleep Well Herbal Bath is just the thing to sink into when your mind is racing after a busy day. Wind down with it and you’ll sleep like a baby (prep your bed before you climb into the tub, because this works fast!). A Rosemary Bath will revive your spirits and engage your senses with its sharp fragrant smell.

The thing about all of these herbal baths is the intensity of their smell. You can smell the pure herbal essence while they are working on your body and spirit. Stop by and check out these and other Kneipp Herbal Baths. They are just the thing for a damp Seattle evening.


Taryn offers up tips for a destination wedding

Beach-theme-aerialBefore Taryn skipped town to get hitched on a tropical island, she offered up a few tips for a destination wedding. 

  • Pack your toiletries in small containers and double pack everything (Ziploc within a Ziploc, for example); bottles and jars could explode in your suitcase.
  • Don’t pack all of your stuff in your one suitcase. Instead, pack half of your belongings in your suitcase and half in your fiancé’s luggage, and instruct him to do the same. And make sure you split up the types of things you’re packing, so you have a bit of everything in each bag (in other words, don’t put all of your undies in one suitcase in the event it’s lost).
  • Do everything you can to carry your dress on the plane. Some airlines allow you to carry your dress on, in addition to your allotted carry-on and personal item. If it’s not a poufy meringue of a dress, put it in a garment bag and ask a flight attendant to hang it in the first-class closet when you board the plane. 
  • Don’t worry! The reason you’re jetting off to a destination wedding is to avoid all of the hoopla a giant wedding in your hometown might generate. Put on some sunscreen, take off your shoes, and get married on the beach.