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Countering inflammation

Oil3Jill is a big believer that internal inflammation will show up on your skin. Wrinkling, rosacea, and skin rashes, for instance, can be connected to all the disease processes in the body. Who knew? Well, Jill.

“Why you may have a genetic predisposition to inflammation, you can be preventative as possible,” Jill says.

“Inflammation can show up in the form of seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, and any kind of recurring skin rashes. Breakouts can have to do with inflammation in the body or the breaking down of sugars (sugars can exacerbate acne). When we start working with clients, we recommend they take borage oil, a source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), which is excellent for countering free radical damage, lubricating the skin, and reducing inflammation in the body. Evening primrose and black current seed oil can be taken as well,” she explains.

Jill also talks with clients about “alkalining” their system, i.e. creating an alkaline environment internally through diet. “Eating green foods, taking liquid chlorophyll  (which you can get in supplement form at Metropolitan Market and health food stores), consuming green barley drinks, putting that green magma stuff in your water in the morning, adding alkaline drops to your water—all of this creates more neutral, alkaline environment, which in turn reduces inflammation.”

(photo of borage plant:


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