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Taryn offers up tips for a destination wedding

Taryn talks bridal beauty

In honor of Taryn’s weekend nuptials in St. Lucia, we thought we’d pick her brain and get a few beauty tips for brides. 

And believe us, she had a LOT to say.

Skincare: “All planning should start the second you get engaged. I suggest women start getting facials about six months before their wedding (especially if they have never had a facial before) and to start new regimen of skincare products.”

Hair: Taryn also weighed in on the rest of your appearance. “Don’t change your hairdresser and don’t do anything overly drastic that can’t be fixed in the allotted amount of time. You don’t want to shock yourself or someone else.”

Nails: And don’t forget about your nails! Your hands are going to get a lot of attention."Everyone grabs your hand to see your ring, the photographer may want close-ups. Start nail care a month before with a manicure, then follow up with another one two weeks before, and finally the day before your wedding. You can use a mild scrub or P50 (it’s an exfoliant) and then treat with a nail oil. Keep everything soft and moisturize as much as you can. And another thing: don’t paint your nails with red, neon, or dark polish or anything that may stain your nails."

Makeup: You probably already know to do a trial run with makeup. However, when selecting a makeup artist, go to someone who doesn’t’ freak you out with their own makeup. Experiment and play with looks you want to try. Think about the flowers and colors of your wedding and plan accordingly (don’t pick a crazy red lipstick if you are going with ethereal pink flowers). Take photos with your makeup on, taking into account the various lighting you might have on your wedding day and what sort of look your fiancé prefers. “If you are normally a natural girl, this is not the time to try a smoky eye. You want to look like your best self.”

Tan: “Don’t do mystic tan ever. Do a spray-tan trial three to four months before your wedding to make sure you don’t get rashy or blotchy. If you are doing it at home, don’t go for a dark tan right away if you’re really fair. Go for a light or medium lotion and build a tan over a couple of weeks. Before applying, shave and exfoliate thoroughly. Wait an hour or so after a bath or shower (so your pores close) and then moisturize with a regular lotion at your heels, knees, elbows, any place that could stain your skin darker. Avoiding your face, apply the self-tanner in a circular motion to avoid streaks and then following the directions, let the self-tanner dry before getting dressed.”

Next up: how to pack for your destination wedding!




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