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Taryn Explains our Nail Services

DSC01321JB_SKIN_07_30_08_36JB_SKIN_07_30_08_35Like all of our other services, our manicures and pedicures are treatment-oriented. What that means is that we first work to make the nail really healthy. To do that, we offer about 15 types of basecoats for different types of nails. Jessica Nails first developed their line for post-acrylic nails to build the nail back up, and now there are different base coats for nails that are dry and cracked, active, peeling, yellow, etc.

We use a natural nail drill, which is less invasive than cuticle cutters; it pushes the cuticle back and lifts off excess cuticle. We only clip hangnails. And we don’t use that cheese grater thing (you know what I’m talking about!). We have a great file for feet that is effective without shredding your skin. And then there’s a fabulous enzyme scrub with papaya. Our pedicures can last, seriously, up to 6 weeks. They really do last and to extend it, I recommend giving yourself a thin topcoat the day after your treatment. 

So that’s it! If you’re coming in to get a facial, think about treating your hands and feet to the same type of care. You’ll be glad you did.



Gold-medal Skincare

Lindsey-vonnKnee-deep into the Winter Olympics and with the Academy Awards looming, we thought Jill should weigh in on skin-care considerations: 

  • If you are in very cold conditions, your skin needs extra protection. You wouldn’t go out in sub-zero weather without the proper gear and clothing. Your skin needs the same consideration. In addition to a great moisturizer, look for a good sunscreen with a high SPF (Jill loves Ombrelle), particularly if you are in high altitudes. And everyone should be taking fish oils to lubricate their skin from the inside out. 
  • For a big upcoming event, start a skin-care regimen about three months in advance if you haven't already been taking care of your skin properly. In addition to at-home care, schedule a treatment (we start with a Classic French Facial so we can get an understanding of your individual skin needs and make a treatment plan) every two to three weeks until the skin responds, then once a month until the event. Of course, once the occasion has passed, keep your skin radiant through regular treatments and great skincare.


Taryn’s Picks for Spring

2792143675_105a8565e3_m The future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear shades…of neon! Spring is right around the corner, which means crocuses are pushing their way out of the ground and women are brightening up their nail colors. Taryn’s been noticing that metallics and neons are trending up in magazines and on the runway, and that translates to bright colors on the toes. Some of the neon shades that Taryn is using on clients include Jessica’s Confident Coral, Happy Endings, Mardi Gras, Spring Claret (which she swears looks good on everyone), and Bikini Bottoms. If you’re not quite ready to break out cruise ship-worthy colors, she suggests Mystery, a dark silvery grey color that’s, well, mysterious and moody.

To check out more of Jessica’s array of Custom Colours (all formaldehyde-, toluene- and DBP-free), browse the colour picker for your spring shade.

Check out our list of nail services and come in and see us soon!

Next up: Taryn explains what sets apart a Jill Bucy nail treatment from all other salons and spas.


Wow! National press!

Cover_allure_190It's not often a spa without multiple locations gets national press coverage, but here we are in the February issue of Allure! The story is called "Face forward: the best facialists from 5th Avenue to the Pacific Northwest." Here's the write-up:

Some aestheticians dish out perfunctory service, but Bucy fawned over us as though we were VIPs. She remedied our specific issues, going after our blackheads, using mild electrical pulses to work a few plant-based serums into our skin, and applying a mask with yeast, cucumber, and witch hazel to brighten. But the ultimate perk was a lengthy accupressure massage on our head, shoulders, and arms that left us feeling as balanced and refreshed as our skin.