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December 2009

French women

CarlaBruni360_256334a In addition to my Paris trip with Taryn, I was lucky enough to go to Provence this summer with my family.  

During these travels, I had the opportunity to speak with several women about how they took care of their skin.  It is always fascinating to see these women walking down the street looking so put together, so chic, while they have one or two well-behaved (and well-dressed) children walking along beside them. 

I asked them what their secrets were. 

I got a variety of answers but the most consistent responses, passed down from their mothers when they were young, were:

  • We never go to sleep without cleansing (only milk cleansers for the French) and our moisturizer.
  • We take time with our family and with our friends and we relax.
  • We never skip our monthly or bi-monthly facial treatments because we know that it keeps our skin young and healthy. 
  • And we do our body care at home every day. This includes dry brushing, cleansing with a mild olive oil based soap and always following up with either a cellulite cream or moisturizer.



Photo of Carla Bruni courtsey of
Times Online