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Paris 2009

Paris 123 Vive la France…..

This fall I took Taryn, my lead skincare therapist, with me on my annual training trip to Paris. We went for Cosmeeting — a trade show for everything new in the industry in France as well as all over the world.

The trade show was a bit smaller this year than past years but we still found some useful information to bring back to our clients.

Paris 105
For me, the best part was being able to see the new training center and spa for Biologique where we studied  the newest treatments offered in Paris but not yet available here in the US. I learned about an amazing nori seaweed treatment that left my skin very firm and I could feel all the serums that were worked into it.  And it looked great for weeks!

We also received additional training on the Jacquet-Leroy massage that is a French technique that Josette Allouche, renowned osteopath and co-creator of Biologique Recherche, has perfected over the years. 

As always, Paris was a vision everywhere we looked and Taryn was so much fun to travel with. She is a gem.




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