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Paris 2009

Biologique Recherche launches new website

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I wanted share with you the new Biologique Recherche website —  full great information about the methodology for building better skin, their spectacular line of products, and the beloved Remodeling face "machine". Doctor Allouche's explanation vision is revolutionary and we're thrilled to bring his principals of authentic to Seattle as the one-and-only French-style skincare salon.

Here's an excerpt from Doctor Allouche that I love...

To simply put it, our skin can be compared to a house. If the roof is built badly and cannot guarantee protection against external aggressions, everything inside is subjected to stress and becomes vulnerable.

First, one needs to take a closer look at the epidermis to create a surface for youth and radiance. This approach to observe how the epidermis is constantly interfacing with the skin's deeper structures is known as "interface cosmetology". It enables an understanding of how cosmetic active ingredients can act perfectly from the moment they make contact with the epidermis without needing to go through it.

Enjoy the glorious Seattle summer and don't forget the sunscreen!




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