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Skincare & Travel: the perfect place to start


Inspired by my first facial treatment at the age of twelve, I knew that skincare would be a passion for life. As I “commute” monthly from Napa Valley to Seattle, I’ve been reflecting the journey. Travel, in so many ways, has been a part of my life in order to experience the best my industry has to offer. 

Beginnings never start when you expect them to. But had not followed the advice of my beauty therapist to train in Europe, I’m sure I would not be where I am today. At Champneys college in Hertfordshire, England I was educated as a health and beauty therapist, which includes a CIDESCO diplomat. As the first American ever to attend, I received the top training in the world before joining a French cosmetic house.

While traveling between Seattle, New York & Paris, I became enamored with French treatments to diminish the aging process. French Women have the most amazing skin because it’s systemically examined from the inside out— like a mirror to what is going on inside. Digestion and circulation issues not only make you feel sluggish, it dulls the skin causing a loss in elasticity. Using is classic French style of therapies allows me to feed the top layers of the skin so they can function better and revitalize naturally.

At Jill Bucy Skincare, our treatments reflect my European training and 26 years of in the beauty industry. We nurture the skin instead of breaking down the top layers of skin with peels, lasers and microdermabrasion. Skincare therapy is a culmination of travels and experiences.

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Each month as I journey north from Napa Valley, I use a mix of grape seed and pure French lavender aromatherapy oils to protect my skin from the dry air on the plane and increase detoxification and circulation with Thalasso therapy in my baths.

Au revoir until we meet again,