Night moves: How to take care of your skin after dark

SleepYou work hard, your days are long. Often, the last thing you want to do is wash your face before tumbling into bed. But we’re here to tell you that it matters. Be consistent and thorough with your evening skincare regimen.

It all starts with proper cleansing. Using the Biologique Recherche cleansing milk appropriate for your skin, massage upward and outward from the neck to the forehead. Rinse. Follow by swiping a cotton pad with P50 over your neck and face. Apply a targeted serum to treat your skin’s specific imbalances and then finish with your normal moisturizer. Now that you’ve removed makeup, dirt and pollution, it’s time to sleep to detoxify and repair your skin.

Sleep matters

Now that you’ve got your evening skincare routine down, let’s talk about sleep. You probably know that a good night’s sleep is essential to good health but it’s also critical for radiant youthful skin. Sleep is the body’s (and skin’s) method of self-repair. When you don’t get enough sleep, your skin could appear patchy, dry and lifeless, and you’ll have fine lines and dark circles under your eyes. Prolonged lack of sleep can result in cortisol levels rising, free radicals running amok, and collagen breaking down. In other words, your skin will age faster. No bueno.

There are so many factors that contribute to poor sleep: exposure to your device’s screens, stress, poor diet, caffeine, alcohol. When you think about it, it’s amazing that we get any shuteye at all.

Regardless of the reasons that result in fitful sleep or insomnia, however, sleep is critical to your skin and overall health. Staring at the ceiling in the dark while your mind spins is unhealthy and you need to take steps to mitigate the problem. Some solutions include melatonin and other herbal remedies, a consistent sleep schedule, sleep rituals such as meditation or a lavender oil bath. Good sleep and skincare hygiene will keep your skin clear and glowing.


As spring approaches, we have your skincare solutions

Weather-questionSeasons change and so do your skincare needs. When the temperature fluctuates, it’s important to protect the skin, getting regular facials to reduce stress to the skin and improve resiliency. In addition, there are many effective Biologique Recherche products that can combat the elements and keep your skin looking its best, even as storms rage, temperatures veer wildly up and down the thermostat, and the sun starts making a regular appearance.

  • Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines brightens dull, devitalized winter skin.
  • Fluide VIP O2 supplies oxygenation to reduce signs of fatigue and brighten your complexion (Svetlana’s tip is to layer Oligo-Proteines Marines with Fluide VIP O2 on top to help with dark circles).
  • Lotion MC110 No1 offers hydration and extra exfoliation, as it smoothes and brightens.
  • Crème Grand Millésime acts as a brightening cream, revitalizing the skin.
  • Masque VIP O2 + Masque Vivant provides the best brightening effect, and it’s our favorite mask combo, especially during a season transition. We also recommend mixing Masque Vivant with a touch of baking soda and applying that as a brightening, exfoliating mask.

Stop in the studio today to discover the right solution for your skin as we transition into spring.


New BR Sérum A-Glyca combats aging skin

Serum A-Glyca
A new anti-aging solution has landed in the spa! Biologique Recherche has created Sérum A-Glyca to act against the phenomenon of glycation in the skin.

Here’s how it works.

Our body needs glucose—found in sugars—to function properly and to produce energy. But if there’s surplus sugar in the body, protein molecules can cross-link with sugar molecules. This is called glycation. These new sugar proteins affect the extracellular matrix proteins in the dermis, specifically collagen and elastin, and can accelerate the aging process. That’s where Sérum A-Glyca comes in. It keeps collagen and elastin fibers intact, thereby fighting the signs of aging and creating a youthful, radiant complexion.

But that’s not all! This wonder serum has an antioxidant action that protects the skin from external factors such as heat, UV rays and pollution, all of which can exacerbate glycation. With active ingredients of mimosa and carcinine, this quintessential serum:

  • Acts against the phenomenon of glycation
  • Protects proteins within the skin's structure
  • Reduces deep lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces signs of fatigue
  • Enhances skin's firmness
  • Brings radiance to the complexion

To use: On clean skin, apply a few drops of Sérum A-Glyca morning and night over the face, neck and décolleté, using gentle upward motion until the serum is absorbed.

Stop in the spa today to try out this effective, leading-edge product from BR!


Dry skin? Try our hydrating masks from Biologique Recherche

We’re moving toward spring but the weather is still, well, wintry. What this means for your skin is continued dehydration and seasonal sensitivity. But never fear, we have some solutions, namely hydrating masks. Biologique Recherche has several options, depending on your specific skincare needs.

VernixCrème Masque Vernix: This treatment mimics the original composition of vernix (the moisturizing, protective, antibacterial substance found coating the skin of newborn human babies), thanks to a selection of active ingredients rich in lipids, proteins, and antioxidant peptides. This revitalizing, repairing, protective treatment is made for deficient, stressed-out skin.

VisolastineMasque Visolastine E: Masque Visolastine E is a hydrating and revitalizing mask that enhances the skin's elasticity, prevents the sensations of tightness and softens the skin. Enriched with cellular peptides and fatty acids, the treatment calms the skin, while brightening and refreshing the complexion.

SensibleMasque Biosensible: This luxe cream mask is enriched with Fatty Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, anti-stress actives and the Specific BR Oxygenating Complex. Its formula contains high concentrations of active ingredients renowned for their high tolerance. Ideal for dehydrated, sensitive and reactive skin, this new treatment soothes, softens and brightens the skin immediately upon use.

Stop in the studio and let us help you select the best home treatment for your specific skincare needs!

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 lightens skin and reduces pigmentation marks

P50 PIGM 400We all love our P50. In fact, many of our clients can’t live without it. Now, Biologique Recherche has rolled out a new formulation of this cult favorite, designed to lighten the skin and reduce pigmentation marks.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is an exfoliating and brightening lotion that is ideal for dull complexions with hyperpigmented marks. Unexpected ingredients pack a powerful punch: Palmaria Palmata extract lightens pigmentation and inhibits melanin synthesis, AHAs exfoliate, and Vitamin B3 and Wasabi extract are powerful antioxidants. Recover luminous and radiant skin with an even, lightened complexion.

Use as you would other P50 formulations: The first week, soak a cotton pad moistened with water with Lotion P50 PIGM 400 and apply to the face, neck and cleavage, patting upward gently without rubbing. The following days, skip the water and soak a dry cotton pad with Lotion P50 PIGM 400. Follow with your other favorite BR products.

And don’t worry if you first feel a bit of tingling upon use. When the pH of the epidermis is unbalanced, you will feel the P50’s acidity. Once the skin is balanced, that sensation goes away.

For more on this new formulation of P50, check out this Man Repeller interview with Dr. Allouche.



New in studio: Biologique Recherche’s Sérum 3R

3RIs time starting to take its toll on your complexion? Seeing wrinkles or sagging? There is something you can do to prevent and fight the signs of aging, and it’s called Sérum 3R.

This new advancement from Biologique Recherche is a renewing, regenerating and repairing serum for face. It is comprised of a complex antioxidant formula rich in exfoliating, firming, soothing and hydrating active ingredients. It’s perfect for devitalized and mature skin.

All you need to do is press a few drops into your skin between your P50 and day or night cream applications. Stop in the studio today to try out this wonder treatment.

Biologique Recherche rolls out bespoke skincare program

Dr. Philippe AlloucheOur clients have long known that Biologique Recherche is the gold standard in skincare. So it comes as no surprise that BR—a cult favorite amongst beauty insiders—has launched the Haute Couture program, a highly customized regimen where products are created exclusively to meet each client’s individual needs.

While we don’t offer the service but it just went on our beauty bucket list. Here’s why:

The six-month program begins with an assessment by Dr. Philippe Allouche himself (head of creation at BR). Specially trained estheticians will then provide an in-depth skin analysis courtesy of the Skin Instant Lab, a machine that measures hydration, elasticity and pigmentation (we offer Skin Instant Lab in the spa—ask for an analysis with your next treatment).

The results are then sent to Biologique Recherche’s laboratories in France. Their specialists will create an Haute Couture treatment box of serums and creams to target your specific skin issues. Dreamy, non?

New boxes are formulated each month during the program to reflect your changing skin needs that—combined with regular French facials—provide targeted, clinical results. 

The service doesn’t come cheap. The six-month Haute Couture program retails at $12,500. Yeah, we know. That’s why it’s on our bucket list. Meanwhile, we’ll keep getting our Classic French Facials and using BR’s serums and creams at home.

Learn more about the program here


New BR serum addresses sagging skin

Serum_matricelAs we age, collagen and elastin breaks down and our skin starts to give into gravity. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Biologique Recherche has developed Sérum Matriciel Visage, a targeted serum that improves the structure and volume of the face. It improves the skin’s tone and tension by visibly reducing the signs of aging. Its formula combats the effects of gravity and the atrophy of fat and muscle tissues to rebalance the area of the cheekbones, cheeks and jowls, neck and the oval of the face.

A potent cocktail of firming and lifting ingredients
Sérum Matriciel Visage combines two powerful actions that provide immediate and lasting results on the cheeks, jaw, neck, and oval of the face:

  • Intensified volume and filled facial hollows
  • Surface tensor

The serum leverages the power of 10 active ingredients to work within all three layers of the skin:

  • Glycoprotein from the Antarctic: Anti-wrinkle agent stimulates the growth of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • Rye extract: Contributes to firming and smoothing the skin tissue, tightening the skin and increasing its tone.
  • Knotgrass flavonoids: Protects the skin from damage caused by the sun and oxidation.
  • Peony extract: Increases the thickness and density of the hypodermis to restore facial volume
  • Tetrapeptide-2: Improves the skin’s firmness, cutaneous elasticity and appearance.
  • Lipopeptide: Improves skin’s viscoelasticity, lifts the facial features, and increases resistance to gravity-induced deformation.
  • Tetrapeptide-11: Increases the skins firmness while preventing sagging appearance and flaccidity.
  • Cassava extract: Has an immediate surface effect to lift and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Planktonic exopolysaccharide: Smoothes the skin surface and fills wrinkles and fine lines after just 15 minutes, thanks to its long sugar chain.

How to use
After cleansing and applying P50, apply a few drops of the serum over the entire face, neck and décolleté in gentle upward movements until it’s completely absorbed.

Stop into the studio soon to try out BR’s newest skincare marvel.

Cutting-edge Second Skin Facial offers alternative to fillers

3d-printed-facial-patches  Jill Bucy Skincare is committed to bringing our clients the latest breakthroughs in European skincare. To that end, we are introducing the Second Skin Facial, a new anti-aging alternative to facial fillers developed exclusively by Biologique Recherche.

Here’s how it works: Designed to treat the special needs of mature skin, the Second Skin Facial utilizes cutting-edge electrospinning technology similar to a 3D printer to create a revolutionary fiber patch made up of 80-percent hyaluronic acid, a humectant that draws moisture into the skin. Our estheticians strategically apply these patches to targeted areas to address fine lines and wrinkles. The result? Immediate visible results, such as plumper, more hydrated skin.

Secondskin2The treatment begins with a complete facial cleanse, followed by application of P50. To prepare the skin and improve the efficacy of the Second Skin technology, our esthetician expertly utilizes the Remodeling face machine. Then, electrospun hyaluronic acid patches are customized to perfectly fit the contours of your face and applied to the target areas. Second Skin Serum is then massaged into the patches for intense regeneration. To finish, Crème Masque Vernix is massaged into the face until completely absorbed.

Book your appointment today to experience this revolutionary treatment. $260 for Second Skin Facial with Remodeling Machine.


Detoxify with AlkaBath

AlkabathProcessed foods, lack of exercise, stress, pollution—all these factors create an acidic environment in your body.

Your system works tirelessly to neutralize the acids and toxins as they appear in your system. It does this by leaching minerals from your blood, skin, tissues, bones, etc. As you can imagine, this is not good.

Enter AlkaBath.

A simple and luxurious way to detoxify your body is to soak, AlkaBath alkaline mineral bath salts bring your bathwater to the optimum pH value of pH 8.5. Why is this important? By providing an optimal pH environment for your skin, AlkaBath helps your body flush out wastes, acids, and toxins.

This isn’t a new concept. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans alkalized, using sodium bicarbonate, milk, or alkaline soaps. The elderly used soft soap with values about pH 9.0. Leaching baths lasting for several hours were a traditional part of ancient Japanese and Mexican culture and are still practiced in these countries due to their benefits for overall physical and spiritual well being.

Edelsteine_enAlkaBath follows in this tradition. Thanks to finely ground precious stones—agate, carneol, citrine, chrysoprase, chalcedony, sapphire, rock crystal and onyx—AlkaBath allows the skin to purify and self-oil, giving it perfect suppleness. A bath temperature of 36°– 38° C (97°–100° F) is recommended for full baths, and you should spend at least 30 minutes—45–60 minutes is ideal—soaking. Use 3 tablespoons per bath. For even greater results, brush your body every ten minutes with a bath brush for a simulating effect.

Stop in the studio today and pick up AlkaBath. Your bath and your body will thank you!