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Lindsey-vonnKnee-deep into the Winter Olympics and with the Academy Awards looming, we thought Jill should weigh in on skin-care considerations: 

  • If you are in very cold conditions, your skin needs extra protection. You wouldn’t go out in sub-zero weather without the proper gear and clothing. Your skin needs the same consideration. In addition to a great moisturizer, look for a good sunscreen with a high SPF (Jill loves Ombrelle), particularly if you are in high altitudes. And everyone should be taking fish oils to lubricate their skin from the inside out. 
  • For a big upcoming event, start a skin-care regimen about three months in advance if you haven't already been taking care of your skin properly. In addition to at-home care, schedule a treatment (we start with a Classic French Facial so we can get an understanding of your individual skin needs and make a treatment plan) every two to three weeks until the skin responds, then once a month until the event. Of course, once the occasion has passed, keep your skin radiant through regular treatments and great skincare.

(photo: beat.bodoglife.com)


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